Coffee Rota 

Each Sunday after the 10am service the congregation is invited over to the Windhill Churches Centre for a social get-together over tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits, and there is a chance to catch up on all the relevant news from Church, community and family and friends.  Quite often there is also the opportunity to share in a special occasion when cake is on offer: baptisms, particular birthdays and anniversaries, plus possibly a glass of wine as well!  This is a popular weekly event, and more recently, there has been a bi-monthly breakfast between the 8am and 10am services which allows both congregations to meet.

The coffee rota works with teams of two volunteers working alongside each other.  We have 12 teams and so this spreads the load over a number of weeks and, if someone is not available for whatever reason, they are able to swap duties. If you would like to be involved please contact Rosemary Thomson who will be pleased to speak with you.