Reading The Bible 

The Bible is the story of people’s relationship with God, firstly in the stories in the Old Testament about the Hebrew (Jewish) people’s experience of God, and then in the New Testament.

The New Testament tells the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection (in the four gospels – meaning ‘good news’ – of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), and the story of the early days of the Christian Church.

Many people know bits of the Bible from the old Authorised Version, which is written in beautiful but old-fashioned language.  But there are many more modern translations which are easier to read and which are widely available.  We also have various courses and home groups which provide opportunities to study and understand the Bible better.

There is also a variety of resources available to help you read and understand the Bible, such as the notes from the Bible Reading Fellowship or Scripture Union.  Please speak to one of the clergy team for more information.